Avoid in Fight

Should this instead read “ride for the volley”, or are there interactions where the opponent would cause you normally to test more than once in an action and you let your Avoid successes Ride?

Multiple attacks vs. Block only protects you against one attack. One avoid “rides” for all in-bound attacks.

Is that multiple attacks for that action—multiple attackers or maybe even an attacker with Gray or White Reflexes?—or for that volley?

All of the commentary in Adventure Burner talked about using Avoid against multiple attacks in the same action (mostly in the context of being ganged up on), not the same volley. So I’m pretty sure it works exactly as written.

Sure, but AB was specifically Burning Wheel Revised.

Ok, action it is.

If you’re fighting two dudes and they both strike on the same action and you have block, you get to block one of them. The other one gets an unopposed Strike. If you’re in the same situation and choose Avoid, then your Avoid successes are versus both their strikes.

The major benefit of Avoid, besides the different test, is that your dodging around and avoiding everything. Block makes you pick a single thing to block. Usually that’s not a big deal, but when it is it really is.