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I know there’s a thread from 2013 about this but I can’t necro that action so I’m just starting a new one. What’s your favourite music to play during a Torchbearer session? Do you have Town and Wilderness and Dungeon Playlists like I do? Thought-provoking jams for inspiration?

Here’s some of my favourite, all Dungeon Synth of various sorts:

KOBOLD & GNOLL are both great, with varying degrees of 90s CRPG energy.

Sequestered Keep and Redhorn Gate are classic dungeon synth and super good bg music.

DIM, Secret Stairways and Fogweaver all slap.

None of it beats my fave, though: HOLE DWELLER for all your halfling vibes.


My go to session music is a dark ambient youtube channel called Cryo Chamber.


Oh dude YES Cryo Chamber is so good I’ve listened to every single one of their Lovecraft themed albums, very good dark ambient.

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Old Tower…
and the Aliens soundtrack.



Hadn’t heard Old Tower before. It’s nice! :ok_hand:

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