Banging on Tenebrous' Beliefs

Hey gang,
I recently started a solo campaign with a friend of mine, named Pete. Pete and I created a cool situation where a young son of a rich noble in an opulent city state surrounded by swampy wasteland discovered that his father, a rich noble, might be selling corpses to a sinister looking official of the king’s court (the Necromancer!). When he was discovered by the Necromancer’s guards, Tenebrous escaped into the underbelly of the city eventually seeking refuge with his hippie aunt who loves him dearly. His father and the guards searched in vain for Tenebrous and eventually gave up. In truth, the father, a widow, was like, “good riddance, the bastard kid was a brat anyway. he’ll never survive the rigors of the city’s slums!”

Tenebrous is now a 17 year old idealist, budding revolutionary, who gets by hustling deals and swindling the city’s corrupt merchants.

Tenebrous Husk, Born Noble, City Student, Confidence Man
W: B4, P: B4; Pw: B3, F: B3, Sp: B5, Ag: B5

B1: My father was manipulated into doing the horrible things that he has done! I will infiltrate the ranks of the upper class (the city is very stratified which is strongly represented in the demented exagerated version of Gondor that we have modelled the city on - to reach the weathly you have to take an elevator of sorts powered by giant snails) and discover who my father was dealing with.

B2. People are missing from Gristle Row. I will unravel who is responsible, by investigating the fancy brothels and the stables (it is very rare for common folk to travel outside of the oppressive city).

B3. I want a simple and beautiful world where I can build a family. I will dismantle the oppressive structures of society by inspiring the poor of Gristle Row to stand up to tyranny!


Traits: Mark of Privilege, Rabble Rouser, Geometric, Arrogant, Mind for small details.

Instincts: Always plans an Alibi, Always tries fishes for people’s motivations, always looks for ways to make a daring escape.

Relationships: Aunty Friendly and family, hateful rival brother, and hateful rival father.

So, far, Pete has been playing Tenebrous great! He’s almost a BW pro. I am amazed at how he groks the system intuitively from a story telling angle. His system mastery is still getting there (how many dice do I get?) but He will learn.

He is working on the INFILTRATING THE UPPER CLASS belief, by trying to work a hustle that will get him into a wedding party between a scion of House Elaxor and a lady of House Symax. This setting is scarce on meat, most of what is called meat is this slippery gross worm thing that is churned from some magical vats that is ground up into a gruel that most people eat with swamp vegetables. Out in the wild SWAMP there is scant edible game because the place is rife with Monstrous Insectoids and worse. Only the most daring Swampers hunt for real game. Pete circled up a Butcher friend of his on Gristle Row. He rolled so high that I rulled that Max had a nice haunch of venison on him. He traded it to Tenebrous in the hopes of earning more than they dreamed. Tenebrous ingratiated himself to a Steward who was busy hauling supplies for the wedding and then made a deal to sell 4 carcasses before the end of the weekend.

With this extravagant demand, Tenebrous came back to MAX and they made a plan to steal a bunch of meat from Max’s city peddlar man, Uvank, who deals with the Swamper Hunters down by South Gate. Tenebrous used his street urchin contacts (circles) and pulled off the swinddle by pretending to be a city tax man, claiming that the Uvank’s cart was under sized according to regulations! Falsehood with 5 successes and Stealthy from the urchins and bam done!

The next scene was he and the urchins celebrating in the undercroft. He then discovered that many of the poor wretches were actually newly orphaned kids from Ink Pot Alley, their parents being Scribes. Turns out that many of their parents had gone missing in recent months. MORE FUEL FOR THE MISSNG PEOPLE BELIEF>

ALSO on the 3rd BELIEF and RABBLE ROUSER trait, Tenebrous made a fine speech about Rich and Poor and Corruption and How the system must fall. Successful Oratory-training test despite terrible odds (OB6) because he rolled 3 6s and exploded them twice! Insane rolling but so cool that I gave him two tests for advancement.

loving the warmth of the fire.


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