Banish and Abjure: The same or different conflicts?

So I’m trying to figure out if Banish or Abjure are meant to be the same conflict in terms of the skills used. Can a Cleric and a Magician team up for such a conflict, the former using Ritualist to attack and the latter using Arcanist?

On a different note: I’m a little unclear what happens when the PCs lose in a Banish or Abjure conflict. Is the result only that their target is still there to torment them, or is there a more immediate and nasty consequence?

Yes, same conflict in terms of skill used but you will always be doing one of the other.

As to what happens when they lose? A lot of things. The creature becomes unbanishable. If it was an Abjure conflict, maybe the group becomes Cursed. Really, it’s whatever makes sense within the fiction.

How to differentiate.
Well, Banish implies sending the creature home.
Abjure implies denying it a particular place or or person (or contract). So you could parse them by that intent. It means that Clerics have a slightly more powerful version of the conflict at their disposal, but I’m okay with that.

Thanks for the input, Luke.

Let me get this straight:
Banish conflict implies sending the creature home.
Roll Ritualist and add Will
Ritualist is used to Attack and Feint, while Theologian is used to Defend and Maneuver.

Abjure conflict implies denying the creature a particular place or person.
Roll Arcanist and add Will
Arcanist is used to Attack and Feint, while Lore Master is used to Defend and Maneuver.

That’s it?

You got it. Note that anyone can learn Arcanist or Ritualist. They just can’t cast spells/invoke prayers without the appropriate spell slot.

Ah… does this also mean that you have to settle on either type as you begin the conflict, and then can ONLY use Ritualist/Theologian OR Arcanist/Loremaster?

I’ve been playing this one wrong… and boy are ghosts tough.