Base for Insectrist?

What would the base for Insectrist be for a beginner’s luck roll? Will or Health?

To my opinion, Insectrist is an academic skill about knowledge of insects and only physical aspect is the gestures needed in communication. Nevertheless, in the 1st edition’s page 236 there is stated that: “Other Will obstacles are derived from using the
ability for Beginner’s Luck tests for the following: Administrator, Apiarist, Archivist, Baker, Cartographer, Cook, Deceiver, Haggler, Healer, Insectrist, Instructor, Loremouse, Militarist, Orator, Pathfinder, Persuader, Scientist, Weather Watcher and Weaver.”

Awesome. I thought there had been more of a reference in first edition, but did not remember where. I am going to keep rolling it with Will then. Thank you for the help!