Basic explanation of game online for kids?

I’ve been running a monthly game of Mouse Guard with some teens at my local library, and my wife who works at the library wants a website link she can give to teens interested in joining the group. I’m wondering if anyone has had any success with directing kids interested in playing to online information about the game. What my wife wants is a “link to a site that gives a simple explanation of how playing Mouse Guard works?” The Obsidian Portal site for our campaign is more complex than what she has in mind. She wonders if there’s something that “sells” the game like the publisher’s site but which also has some explanation of how the game actually works with some examples, etc.

Well, if they have an hour they can listen to Paul Tevis talk about it here:

You can also point them to the Mouse Guard section of the Burning Wiki here:
Many of the reviews go into the ways that the game plays without sounding like a press release. Especially read the Emprint review, it a very conversant overview of what you do and how you do it.

Also check this out, it’s an AP example of the Realm Guards hack for Mouse Guard but it’s a good example of how things work out.

The Walking Eye also has a 4 part AP podcast ( along with a review and an interview with Luke.

Kids don’t want to listen to any of that crap!

We need a videocast demonstration with a cute kid demoing the game.


Or a cartoon of Mouseguard periodically interupted by simple rule demonstrations.