Battle conflict hack?

Does anyone have a Battle conflict hack? Our characters are approaching levels 4-5 and there are several burgeoning battle situations they might get into in the next few sessions. Right now I’m prepping by assuming they aren’t leading squads or whatnot, just trying to stay alive, escape, loot, kill-the-general-and-run, etc. Kind of an outdoor dungeon with battle-like environment and wandering monsters.

Well, just slightly modifying the Mouse Guard rules for a War conflict should work for Torchbearer.

Disposition is Commander+War.

For actions, Commander is used for Attack and Maneuver.

Steward can be used for Defend and Feint.

Orator can be used for Defend.

Weapons include:

Supplies and Ammunition: +1D to Defend. If you’ve laid in supplies and ammunition for your troops before the battle, you’re better on the defense.

Combined Arms: +1D to Maneuver. If your forces consists of a combination of close-in weapons and missiles, you are more free to maneuver on the field.

Properly Equipped: +1D to Disposition. If your force is better equipped for the terrain and weather than your opponent, you earn an advantage. Better equipped doesn’t always mean heavy armor and halberds. If you’re’ fighting in mud or confined spaces, the lighter-armed troopers have the advantage.

Command Structure: +1D to Attack. If your force has a commander, sub-commanders and messengers to run between them, you’re more agile and organized on the attack.

Hero in the Fore: +1s to successful Attack actions if your force is being led from the front by a formidable hero.

Strategy: 1D to Feint. If you planned ahead for this battle, developing a strategy with your commanders based on your troops and supplies, then you’re better prepared to think on your feet once the fight is on.

Fortifications: +1D to Defend. It’s always hard to dislodge a force defending a fortified position. This bonus can combine with Supplies and Ammunition.

Hope this helps.

Another question is, what are the compromises and what is the objective. Most historical battles end with the losing side breaking and retreating, not in total annihilation, more like a drive off than a kill. On the other hand, the losers should suffer some losses at the end of the battle. Maybe it’s something like:

Perfect Victory: Losing force is completely broken, scattered, and disorganized. Many or most of their soldiers are dead. The winning side only suffers minor losses.
Minor Compromise: Losing force retreats with severe losses but not scattered they will be able to regroup OR The winners suffered some significant troop losses but scattered the losing force
Compromise: Losing force retreats with minor damage and winning force took significant losses
Major Compromise: Pyrrhic victory, the Losing force retreats with minor damage but the winning force is severely damage, barely holding itself together

I remember reading that in 3 above your might, you are allowed to engage a kill conflict if there is a battle.

Is this planned content in the future? (in other words, you’d be able to kill a might 6 monster at might 3, if you engage in a battle conflict?)