BE Custom dice order

Let’s leave this order open until Monday morning GMT - then I’l start asking you for money.

Unless, of course, that David’s initiative comes back with a miracle :wink:

Depending how it all shakes out stateside I would be cool pitching in to drop everyone’s costs.

So if it’s .99 a die for 30 put’s it at roughly 29.70. Or I could get 50 dice at .88, right? That’s 45? What would shipping on that be for being in the US?

And the exchange rate make that about $75, correct?


  • Don

An extra 50 would take the total to 198, so still £0.99 a die.

Shipping-wise: if the dice are 5g each (my Fudge dice are around 4g), then 50 dice is 250g plus packaging, say total 300g, which can be shipped airmail UK to US for £3.72 or surface for £1.82 (but surface could take 2 months to arrive, so not recommended).

The exchange rate at the moment is $1.95 for £1.

I’ll take 16 dice.

Cool. Tally now 154 @ £0.99 per die

(Which means that 50 from eruditus WOULD take us above 200!)

Hi Per.

I’ll take 30, as I’m UK based.

(I hope I’m still in time)



Sure, Mark. Tally is now 184 @ £0.99 a die.

But let’s make that the final call. Anyone else? Going, going…

Orders so far with price EXCL. shipping/PayPal

Per 20 £19.80
Mel White 16 £15.84
Salar 20 £19.80
Peter 20 £19.80
Chris W 12 £11.88
Chris M 20 £19.80
Z-dog 10 £9.90
Esteban 20 £19.80
Kensagata 16 £15.84
Mark 30 £29.70

If that’s OK with everyone, I will try and calculate shipping and order the dice. The company promises dispatch within 14 days. I won’t be able to order until I have all payment, but don’t do anything just yet.

That’s grand by me Per, and thanks for going through all the hassle for this.

Okay, since we seem to be well near the 200 mark I’ll got for 30 dice.


  • Don

Nice, that ends us on 214 total and a £0.88 per die before shipping.

I’m waiting for response from the company about their shipping - will probably get it tomorrow (GMT).

OK, we have ze total prices (assuming nobody pulls out or doesn’t pay, then the price will rise slightly for the rest of us of course.)
Shipping to me from the company is £5, which we will all share. Then there is shipping from me to you, airmail small packet, depending on amount of dice - the highest is £3 for 30 dice to the US, so not too bad)

So, yes these are including everything, VAT, shipping, my fees (only kidding).

Remember to include your name and delivery address.

Mel White/US: £17.27

Salar/UK: £19.57

Peter/DK: £20.58

Chris ‘Worm’/US: £13.44

Chris Moeller/US: £21.09

Z-dog/US: £11.91

Esteban/Costa Rica: £21.09

Kensagata/SW: £16.51

Mark/UK: £28.49

Erudicus/US: £30.52

Have you factored in the paypal fee for you receiving the money?

Yes, but I factored wrongly, because I calculated it on the amount before adding the fee itself - too late now, the PP fees are about twice what I calculated, lesson learned :slight_smile:

If that makes sense?

paid! thanks man!

Well, do let us know what’s the adjustment we need to send you. You’re already doing enough organizing this, no need for you to get shafted in the process. :slight_smile:


Per, please let us know how much you’re out by and we’ll put it right!

yeah let us know

Per, come on man. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. What’s the new total before I do that Paypal thang?

You too kind, guys. Salar, in your case that would be an extra 50p, so make that £20 if you like :slight_smile:

The last two are Chris_Worm and Erudicus, and we are good to go!