BE Custom dice order

OK, I’ll try to assemble orders for this one - remember if you live in the US, there will be extra postage added, so think about that before ordering.

I am ordering from, and they will be laser-engraved 16mm white dice with:
Three blank sides
Two Wheel sides
One Burning Wheel side

See the graphics here:
(There will be NO sides with the worm picture, just to emphasise that)

Post here how many you’d like - it’s OK to be conditional, ie. “I’d like 30 if we can get an order of over 100 together, else only 10” fx.

We’ll share postage from the producer to me and you’ll pay actual postage from me to you.

100-199 dice total
£0.99 per die, INCL VAT, but excl. postage and a small PayPal fee for the total amount (1.4%+£0.20)

51-99 dice total:
£1.23 per die, INCL VAT, but excl. postage and a small PayPal fee for the total amount

Over 200 and the price drops to £0.88

I’d like at least 10 of these, possibly 20.

I’m in. For 16.
Validate my thinking here: these dice can be used for a typical Black shade skill, with any wheel face being a success and the burning wheel face representing a ‘6’.
Why no worm face, though? Too expensive? I’m thinking it would be good to have a distinct worst roll for skills like astrology…although perhaps that ties the dice too much to BE. Is there a good alternative?


Yes, the worm faces would have doubled the price per die. We could have had them done with all six sides for a similar price at another company, but Luke said there were problems with the plastic quality. And I want my dice to last :slight_smile:

OH! I’ve made a quick layout sample FYI, plus constructed a sample oversized die in paper - that should help explaining how the final dice will look.


Man. I really like the worms. But they’d be $5 a pop with worms! Gah!

Neat. What are the colors?

The colours? In the background, you mean? That’s a painting by my dear wife :slight_smile:

Hi Per,
You obviously have far too much time on your hands! :wink: I’ll put in an order for 20 of your damn-fine-looking dice please.

Tally: 56 @ £1.23 per die

No, no. I mean on the dice…white and black? Perhaps I missed that discussion. But now I’ll go look for the painting which I’m sure is exquisite!


LOL - the dice are going to be white with black graphics.

Hey Per,

I’ll Take a dozen (12)


So, then… y’all just can’t wait a few days to see what might be arranged between Luke and CustomDice/GameStation, for an actual product that could be a third the price you’re about to shell out?

And mind you, if it works out, the CD/GS dice would have art on all six sides, even different colors per side!

Luke, have they replied to you yet (recall that I asked them not to CC me, to maintain your confidentiality)? Might you at least warn these folks not to be disappointed if you are able to work out an arrangement later with CD/GS that results in dice a fraction the cost of this bulk group-buy?

Just tryin’ to help, but I know I can’t stop a buyer stampede…

But this is in pounds–it’s not real money! :wink:

Hey Per, I’m in for 20. If you manage to swing a deal with your guys, David, I’ll get a pile of those too, but Per’s dice will be one-of-a-kind COLLECTOR’S ITEMS, baby.


Oh, no–it’s not going to be my deal; I have explicitly asked to be left out of the loop. Basically, all I did was send an email to their sales folks on behalf of Luke, asking them to explain what arrangements they make with IP owners for their other, custom dice sets (ex: Anchor and Crown). Basically, I’m guessing that it will break down into one of these three general deal types:

  1. They can do “print” on demand, making a set of ten in whatever color is needed, possibly even offering BW (white, gray, black) dice or ‘just’ BE dice (or the hybrid, partially-assembled-wheels design on the other thread). Profits after production costs go straight to Luke, as with other POD providers like Lulu.
  2. Some sort of partnership arrangement, where CD makes whatever size run they find most cost-effective, packages it, and puts it into inventory at GS. As this means CD/GS assumes some risk, I presume a profit split of some kind would occur. Basically, this is more like a “royalty” model, where Luke is paid for the right to use his iconography.
  3. Luke is required to purchase inventory bulk through CD, which is then warehoused and retailed by GS. This is the standard two-/three-tier model for any manufactured good.

1 and 2 should be possible with no outlay from Luke (which, in that other thread, he said he could not do at the moment). 3 will require a significant outlay for the “print” run (i.e. several hundred dollars) and as such would kabosh the deal for the time being, I imagine.

As I mentioned in the other thread–and in spite of the collectibility and beauty of the “half-printed” dice–I can’t bring myself to spend so much for a short run if there’s a chance for a reasonably priced product to enter the market in the near future (i.e. within this year). I am “invested” in the CD/GS product possibility only in as much as I want folks to end up happy in the long run, with high-quality, low-cost, game-appropriate product offerings.

Whaddayamean? First Luke says “Nah, I don’t do dice” and then you’re telling me that maybe he does?

I’m interested, for sure.

I’m in for at least 10.

I’m in the USA.

I could get more if the price goes down. Have to check with the wife. :wink:

Tally: 118(!) @ £0.99 a die

EDIT: Just in case you’re thinking “he can’t add numbers”, I have an order for 20 outside this forum

I must say I would have liked all 6 sides printed, but I’ll take what I can get! :wink:

Sign me up for 20. :slight_smile:

Tally: 138 @ £0.99 a die :slight_smile: