Beagan Bove, medal wearer

I was recently contacted, out of the blue, on another forum asking if I wanted to participate in a Mouse Guard play by post. I’ve never done that before! So I have enthusiastically made my very first guard mouse. I didn’t realise that I’d never made a character before until I came to do it.

I started by looking at Nathaniel from Trouble in Grasslake for inspiration and then heading to the Recruitment chapter.

Guard Mouse: Will 3, Health 5

I don’t save for winter.
When confronted I stand and fight!
Of course I don’t fear Owls and Weasels!

Hometown: Copperwood.
Skill: Haggler
Trait: Independent

Natural Talent: Deceiver

Parent’s Trade: Archivist

How do I convince people?: Persuader

Senior Artisan: Archivist

Mentor: Healer

Experience: Fighter, Healer, Haggler, Instructor, Scout, Pathfinder

Speciality: Healer

Wises: Celebration-wise, Hidey hole-wise

Downtime during winter? I don’t practice a trade.
My parents? They are not wealthy mice.
Do I buy gifts? No!
Am I thrifty? You bet!
Am I bad with money? No!
Do I pack carefully? Yes.

Resources: 3

Do I make friends easily? Yes.
Do I have strong ties to the Guard? My family were never in the guard.
Have I done something awesome? I was there when the Oakenside Massacre started and I got a medal and a cloak for my efforts!
Do I have powerful enemies? No, no more than any other guard.
Have I been convicted of a crime? Never!
Am I a loner? No, I’m a team player.

Circles: 4

I was born pretty Stubborn.

Name: Beagan Bove

Fate: 1
Persona: 1
Age: 25
Home: Copperwood
Fur Color: Blond
Rank: Guard Mouse
Cloak: Light Blue
Parents: Clove and Bill the Librarians
Senior: Pugh the Archivist
Mentor: Langley the Healer
Enemy: Jasper the gambler
Friend: Caley the Glazier

Nature (Mouse) 3
Will 3
Health 5
Resources 4
Circles 4

Belief: Build, do not destroy.
Instinct: When I need to say something important, I show off my medal.

Archivist 3
Deceiver 2
Fighter 2
Haggler 3
Healer 4
Instructor 2
Pathfinder 2
Persuader 2
Scout 2
Celebration-wise 2
Hidey hole-wise 2

Independent 1
Stubborn 1

Gabcroon Bread, Hook and line, My medal, Trusty knife

Physical description: Young, dashing, clean and light mouse.
Personality: A bit naive, stubborn to the point where he thinks the world should change to suit how he perceives it.

:stuck_out_tongue: Before I get any criticism by an observant burner for the parents being called Clove Bove and Bill Bove… The surnames in the setting are an amalgamation of both the parent’s names. :stuck_out_tongue: