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Hjalmar’s farewell to Örvar-Oddr after the Battle of Samsø (1866), by Mårten Eskil Winge Hello friends! I’m still recovering from the Bridge of the Damned Kickstarter, so we’re going to keep this week’s post short and sweet. I know some of you have been wondering how to make higher-level starting characters in Torchbearer. This is…

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Via the Terrible Price, there’s an opportunity to bring in characters who have already featured in the narrative (friends, mentors, etc). Wouldn’t it be cool if you got some kind of discount when buying traits, wises or equipment for those replacement characters if the purchase was in line with their previous appearances?


Perhaps this is more obvious than it reads to me as I haven’t played more than a couple “test” one-shots…

Would the points be cumulative? Or would you choose the target level and use only the points at that level?

For example: I am building a level 5 Dwarf Adventurer. Do I get 34 points? Or 76 (6+13+23+34)?

Choose your target level. You get that many advancement tests to apply. (34 points for your dwarf)

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