Beginers Luck with Skill Songs

I’m burning up an Elven Artisan (Citadel Born, Novice, Shaper, Artisan) and cannot help but wonder…

  1. Are Skill Songs supposed to be “open-ended” while being learned by Beginners Luck, or do they have to be opened beforehand?
  2. Does the " Artisan Workshop" cover everything or just “Artisan” skills? (character would have two Artisan and two Craftman skills that require “workshops”, one of which is Smithcraft. Plus I may decide to have him pick up other Song Skill crafts either in play or outright with general points)
  3. Can Woodcrafting be used to build his own Workshop(s) on his land?
  1. No, they’re not open ended as BL tests.
  2. It covers appropriate skills for the character.
  3. It’d be more than just the Woodcraft (you’d need to build tools, too), and the various tests would be at double obstacle if you lacked access to another workshop.

Would I need to purchase elven tools to use for minor (Ob 3 and under) projects?
(the elven workshop entry states that you are limited to Ob 3 or less without a workshop)
If so, could those tools be incorporated into the finished shop? (assuming they last that long)