Beginner Mission - Liason to the Moles

This is the prep I sketched out for my first Mouse Guard game:

It was such a success with the group that I thought I’d share it. It introduces moles into the Mouse Guard mythos as having a society kept secret from all other creatures (some of the moles even believe they were the creators of the Darkheather tunnel network). The group encounters a hidden colony of them after being swept away by a flash flood and must rely on the charity of an old mole adventurer who is one of the few moles that speak mouse and know of the guard.

I planned it to slowly introduce the rules by having two short GM and player turns, giving the group a chance to get comfortable by degrees. I also use a system of bullet points for my prep - like a sushi box of events I can add or leave out depending on how the game is running.

Apologies for taking liberties with the material - at least I didn’t put humans or cats in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool! Nice touch with the elephant. That’s a good format for a prep sheet—I’ll have to keep it in mind when I run my own game.

Really nice idea! Some of my friends are really into fantasy settings and these underground Moles could be seen as “Dwarfs” I’ll keep this idea in my mind if a heavy storm appears ; )

Very cool idea, and I agree that your prep design is a pretty handy resource in and of itself. Thank you for sharing!

Very neat… I dig it.

This link does not seem valid anymore, but Im rediculously excited about it, is it still available?

Moved the campaign prep here:

Didn’t realise I’d gone over my dropbox limit.