Beginner's Luck and designating Artha

When trying Beginner’s Luck do any Artha used go towards the Stat or the skill (when it’s opened?)

It’s a stat test. You record the artha against the stat.

Thank you, I was of the same opinion.


“If a character does not have an appropriate skill for a test, he may test using a stat instead.”

Emphasis mine.

I know i’m late to reply to this topic… so sorry, do you have the right to spend Artha using beginer’S luck? Does anyone as page reference for this stuff?

I remember that you can’t help when you ain’t got the skill… but can you spend Artha using beginner’s luck?



You can’t help as stats can’t help skills. You may spend artha on stat tests, though.

To put it another way, yes, you can use Artha on Beginner’s Luck tests.