Beginners Luck and Helpers advancement

Hi everyone, I asked this question on the BW reddit as well – not sure if the communities are basically the same:

If I am making a Beginners luck test and receive help I know I use the Ob before doubling to figure out what test I receive and whether it counts toward the stat or skill aptitude, but does the helper use the doubled Ob or original Ob for calculating advancement?

Another thought: Would it matter if the helper was helping with a skill or stat?

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The helper earns a test at the pre-doubled Ob, I’m pretty sure. They earn a test as though they themselves had rolled their own exponent dice: The tester gets the pre-doubled Ob, so the helper does too.

It shouldn’t matter whether they helped with a skill or a stat.

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Quincy is correct. See Helper’s Learn, page 46, BWG.

If you are helping with a skill, you earn a routine, difficult or challenging test for the skill you helped with by comparing your exponent against the obstacle (not the doubled obstacle).

If you are helping with a stat, you earn a test for that stat by comparing the stat’s exponent against the obstacle before doubling. Since it’s a stat, it needs to be a difficult or challenging test for you to benefit.

Thank you Thor – that is very clear and helpful.