Beginner's Luck and Skill Songs

Can Elves and Dwarves use Beginner’s Luck to open the skill songs of their respective races or do they need to receive their first test from an instructor and or instruction book? (or is it a case by case situation).
Many of the Dwarven Skills are found in lifepaths that have a stated requirement such as the Artfice skills (indicating that they are taught as a specialty of that craft) others seem to be more like a social skill and available to any dwarf who would want to try (Drunking, Shrewd Appraisal, Stentorious anything). Where as the Elven Skill Songs are discribed as being passed from elf to elf (taught) in long, winding verse which the elf sings while performing the skill. (Some seem to act like a memory reminder like Ballad of History, others are sung to caoch cooperation from the elements like the Rhyme of the Mariner). A case could be made either way by having seen it done beforehand by others. (Are you sure you know what you are doing? Of course, I’ve watched my father do this when I was little. Oh, did he teach you then? No, but how hard could it be? Right, I think I’ll go stand over there then, just in case.) Of it is a common place skill song I could see it, but only within reason. Which begs the question what’s reasonable?

This came up recently and here is the gist:
They are not Sorcerous skills and therefore you can try to pen them in play with beginners luck.

There are specialized normal skills that you can simply open too, so why wouldn’t it work with skill songs?

Just the elven or dwarven way of doing things then? Good enough for me.
Thanks for your help.