Beginner's Luck Dismiss vs. Avoid

If you Dismiss, but you’re using Beginner’s Luck, how does that interact with someone using Avoid? Double Ob penalty or not?

My belief is that the RAW for BL would say yes, the Dismisser’s at a double-Ob penalty since they’re using a stat in place of a skill.

On the other hand, in a few places Gold alludes to the idea (which I quite like) that that the double-Ob penalty comes from using a stat against a skill (or, in the case of standard tests, a stat against an Obstacle that’s rated for a skill).

With this in mind, it would seem that BL Dismiss vs. Avoid would not be at a double-Ob penalty, since it’s just stat vs. stat.

On the other other hand, Avoid has a special exemption from the double-ob penalty, I assume because Avoiding is somehow really easy, which despite all the foregoing might loft it into a skill-like realm once more.


Avoid does not defend against Dismiss.

Yeah, Tim reminded me of this. Woops.

Well, what about BL Point vs. Dismiss? Same thing really.

The penalty should apply to the Pointer as normal, same as if you were using a weapon you weren’t skilled with to Strike at someone using Avoid in Fight.

Avoid is a special action that allows you to use Will to defend without being at double obstacle against a skilled opponent. So the unskilled point would be at double obstacle and the Avoid would not.

Spiffy, thanks gents!