Beginners luck in conflicts.

Something baffles me. I thought I had it figured out once, but it’s still fuzzy in my mind.

How does beginners luck work with conflicts. Can a non-fighter initiate a fighting conflict with beginners luck? It doesn’t seem like he should be able to. Are there any restrictions on beginers luck?

Yes, you can always test for a skill you don’t have. Just obey the rules (aka restrictions) for Beginner’s Luck on page 95.

Heck, yeah! In our last MG game we had a battle using militarist and none of the PC mice had the skill. We lost, but just barely. It was pretty awesome.

That’s good to know.
Thanks, this whole forum’s a life saver.

Just remember: a conflict only counts as one test for opening the skill, no matter how often it’s tested in the conflict.

Speaking of Beginner’s Luck. At one point in the book it says I should halve the Health or Will, then it says I should halve the total including bonus dice from wises, teamwork and gear. And later on the same paragraph it says use half of the ability.

Which one is correct? I guess it’s total cause it says “half that number” The example doesn’t take this into account so this is why I’m asking.

I don’t have the book here, but I always thought you just halved the will or health and then piled on the help dice and what not. Could be wrong.

Or add them all together and THEN half the result?

I encourage you all to reread the mechanics paragraph under Beginner’s Luck on page 95. The language is specific.


Sorry for bugging you, Luke, but there are words that we miss when reading. Thanks for pointing it out so patiently.

The official rule is (and correct me if I’m wrong!) you add them all together and then half the result.

Yay! I got it correct!

Oh, I guess I’ve been playing begginer’s luck wrong. I’m glad I found that out.

It’s no bother. I help out with what I can.