Beginning the Journey

Greetings my fellow RPG enthusiasts!
So, I’m eager to delve into the wondrous world of Burning Wheel, my mind is reeling with the possibilities. I think I have found the perfect escape from D&D 4e.
Although, I am rather unsure on where to start…
I plan on ordering BWG, but wasn’t sure if that’s all I need; Would I require the Character/Monster/Magic Burner also, or are those encluded in the Gold Ed?
I’ve downloaded the free “Hub & Spokes” pdf, and have read through that, but I was wondering if those are the “Gold” rules, or if they changed, and how much (Is it worth reading while I wait for my copy of Gold to arrive?)
Well… Those were my only questions I suppose, it sounded more grand in my head than it looks on paper, must be due to equal parts excitement, and confusion.
Anyway, thank you for you time, and such!
Eager to hear from you all,

Your Brother in Arms,

You should order Burning Wheel (Gold Edition) from our store. That’s all you need to get started. The PDF you downloaded is the first part of that book.

Okay, sweet… So I dont need the Character burner to start, or do I not need it at all?


The Gold edition includes the Character Burner in the same book as the rest of the rules.

Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply… Thats basically what I needed to know, I probably should have phrased it all differently :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again, Shaun!


The PDF you have has the full Table of Contents for the book on pp. 4-5, which should give you an idea of what is in the full book.

In BWG, Luke recommends not reading straight through all of the chapters of the Rim. It’s good advice, which I ignored.

I recommend you not ignore it. I think racing through slowed down my comprehension. Better to master the Hub and Spokes first, then one advanced system at a time.


cliché advise #2 (but it is essential): download the “the sword” from the wiki and play it with some friends to get a feel of the mechanics and how they affect the fiction.