Behind the Scenes?

I’m reading and enjoying the series of articles that Thor wrote entited “Burning Empires: From Inception to Finished Product”. I was wondering if there was anything like this for Mouse Guard? I’m very much interested in the process.

I, me and myself would also be interested in something like that for Mouse Guard.

Sorry folks. I too would love something like that, but the way MG was produced didn’t allow for the same kind of scrutiny by Thor.

When Luke says “the way Mouse Guard was produced,” he means “in a dugout under a rock in the woods wearing only an untreated bearskin.” Thor is allergic to bears, thus no scrutiny.

Hmmm, since Luke has put out a few games and I only almost one maybe that’s a stimulating and creative way to go for my next project :slight_smile:

I heard Thor was too busy stealing people’s successes.

(I had some more highly improbable results from my G7 Sorcery again >:)