Being shot at by a bow or spell

Is there anything that can help you avoid being arrowed when shot at by a bow in fight? In range and cover it states that a shield can give +1ob, but does that apply in fight? How does this extend to spells like white fire or shards? Can the avoid action help you dodge?


You can make a case that it’s dark, rainy or you’re behind something or someone. Otherwise, no dodging. None. Ever.

If you want to protect against spells, you need spells, faith or very quick reflexes.

Building off of this topic I just wanted to verify something. does a target of a spell, such as flame breath, make an armor roll to negate damage from a spell like they do when they are struck by a sword? What Luke says makes it seem like you dont get an armor test when hit by the spell. Just want to verify this is the case.

Most Combat spells specify a VA; one can only presume that if the target of said spells has armor, they would get to roll that armor against the listed VA.

Thats what i thought but what Luke said made me question how i was running spells.

Well, to be fair the VA on spells is usually pretty high, like 6 or 8 or something.

He was also answering in the context of making it harder for the spell to “hit” you, since that was your original question. Armor works against spells.

Can i lobby for an increased Ob for the caster with an “Always jump out of the way when someone starts casting” ?

Ahh, gotcha. Glad to see i wasnt reading rules in correctly.

No, the benefit of having quick reflexes is that you can get up in the caster’s face and interrupt the spell.

I pretty quickly also vote for a “Jumpy around Magic” char trait for this. :slight_smile:
It would make buff’s harder too.

You can always lobby for advantage and disadvantage. Those rules apply to all tests.