Belief and Tax

I have a player who feels strongly about getting taxed, to the point that it becomes an obsession. He now wants to dedicate a belief to the matter in the hope that when he completes his belief his Tax will disappear.

The problem is, he is fishing to fix it with a couple of dice rolls where he can get a fairly big die-pool for average to low obstacles. So I am confronted by beliefs like: “I will hide my problems behind inventive bookkeeping.”

my question is two-fold,
can tax be worked around in this way?
how would you handle a player like this?

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Yes, you can (and should) write beliefs about your tax and addressing it.

I’d handle them by asking them how they’re going to go about that, then testing them with the appropriate skill (like Administration, for example).

Our games are always about accomplishing such mundane tasks. Our favorite skill is Ditch Digging…

Anyway, don’t let him circumvent the rules. Apply intent and task. To alleviate Resources tax, one must get a job.
If one is doing creative accounting, that might create an illegal fund, but wouldn’t address the core problem—that you’re actually broke. You might see this dynamic reflected in real world corporations!



They’re just going to take the downtown to get a job. That’s the challenge to the Belief right there. Is it so important that they’re willing to stop all “adventuring” to take care of biz?

For my PC, it’s never important enough. So I’ve played with -4D to my Resources for literally years now. But that’s where “inventive bookkeeping” comes into play! Creating Funds (opening a bank!), making Loans, starting businesses, generating Cash, taxing the populace, demanding tithes from the believers, and plundering dungeons - all these are ways to get the Resources needed to keep passing those tests.


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