Beliefs 1-pager

Here’s a 1-page handout on how to write good Beliefs. Anything big I’ve missed or gotten wrong? Changes you’d suggest?

(Not playtested yet, plan to use in 4 days with new-to-BW players)

Seems like a good idea. I hope you don’t mind if I playtest with my group next week also, then I can give some more feedback. Does your scorecard affect the game in any way (besides promoting friendly competition), for example rewarding a fate point for the highest score belief?

Scorecard is just to say how close you are to having a set of beliefs that doesn’t need any work, and point you at what’s missing from a non-ideal set of beliefs. You should be able to get a 7-8 every time, getting a 6 twice in a row is a yellow flag like getting no Fate or Persona for your Beliefs is a red flag.