Beliefs problem

I work at an after school club and I get to play RPGs with the kids. We have played everything from the DnD board game to very lite games like Risus. However, I want to introduce the kids to Burning Wheel.

Here is my problem, perhaps you can help. In those other games you could either create pre gens for any random kid to pick up or character creation was done in 2 minutes. Burning Wheel ain’t like that. Sure I can create pre-gens but the heart of BW is the Beliefs/Insticts, and I don’t have the time to sit and work out beliefs for each and every kid who comes to role play especially since they don’t play often.

So what solution do you have to writing beliefs for students who want to play, don’t show up often either.

d :smiley:

Pregen two beliefs and ask them to write the third.

Can you start another thread and tell us about the dynamics of this game?