Beren's Instinct

“Always look out for Karolina”

How would this be used in play?

Karolina has “Always go hunting when we set camp”, so Beren can help with that which he’d usually not be allowed to do, but it’s an instinct about looking out for her, not about hunting so maybe there’s more to it?

I actually prefer it when instincts don’t map to a specific skill every time, as long as it isn’t so vague it applies to almost anything.

Yeah, you got it right. Beren might help with her instinct, but there’s gotta be danger around.

The GM describes woods haunted by spirits. Karolina uses her Instinct to go hunting because they need food. Typcially, no one else can help. However, Beren uses his instinct and says, “This sounds too dangerous. I’d better go with you!” His instinct would not fire if they had cleared the woods of monsters or made the area safe with Survivalist.

The Instinct could have been written, ‘Always help Karolina when she goes hunting’ if that’s what he cared about, but it is closer to: ‘Never let Karolina face danger alone.’

It might also apply to Karolina’s Pathfinder twists if she is in danger. Karolina gets caught by goblins as a twist for a failed Pathfinder to mark a trail. As a part of his instinct, Beren jumps to her aid and provides +1D help for her Fighter vs Nature test to deal with the twist.


If Karolina was fighting a monster as a result of a twist and Beren used his instinct to help would it be not take a turn? Or would the benefit be just for situations where the others can’t help?

If the test was Beren’s, then yes, I would say it takes no turn.

Conflicts and instincts have some strange interactions, so I might not allow it for a conflict unless it was only Beren (and other instinct participants).

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So we could offer the players a choice, either Beren steps in and makes the test without help and no turn is taken or he waits and the group test with help but this advances the grind.

Yup! Although depending on the wording of the instinct (and even belief) I might not present it as a choice!

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