Best Actual Play Video?

I’m hoping to start running Burning Wheel next week.

I have yet to feel I entirely understand the flow. I think I really need to watch Luke or someone run a game, even though watching actual play videos is not usually my thing.

There’s probably only time for me to watch one session, so I’m looking for the most distilled Burning essence available to mankind.

Which video is best, in your considered opinion, for learning the feel of the system? How is Burning Wheel best GMed?

Here’s a video of Luke Crane doing a demo at GenCon…

Shawn Hayworth also has a series of videos about Burning Wheel that are pretty helpful too

The Sword demo linked there is pure awesome, well worth the time investment. It’s like Tabletop for Burning Wheel!

I definitely agree with that. The first time I watched the video, I didn’t actually own the game yet and it really peaked my interest in the game.

After getting the book and watching it; tons of concepts and mechanics clicked even better for me.

Just watched that The Sword demo. Amazing.

It reinforced some of my doubts about Fight!, but as the good book itself says, choose selectively from the Rim of the Wheel.

Part of me wants to send the video to all my players. The other part of me recognizes how unlikely it is anyone will spend the requisite two hours… and also, it would ruin them for me running of The Sword.

Whether or not to play The Sword first or not is a question for a different thread… one that may have been beaten to death. I’m off to search the forums!

it has been beaten to death. Happy searching!