Best number of mice


For you guys whom’ve played:

What’s the optimal number of players in a patrol?


Four, because then if someone can’t make a session, three players is still strong. Three or four players seem best for extended conflicts. Two limits the abilities of the patrol overall and five just gets hairy.

In our game, we’re finding 3 guardmice (1 tenderpaw, 1 patrol guard, 1 patrol leader) is fantastic. Lots of options for having niche abilities but lots of backup for tests. For conflicts, it works out evenly to one action per player per volley/exchange (can’t remember the name in MG).


Suddenly, I have an influx of… players! They breed like…mice!

I had 6 show up for Patrol Recruitment. I suspect I’ll end up with 2 trios…

Has anyone had a group of more than 4 (within the same patrol)?


The most I’ve played with is three so far, but I am currently gearing up for a rotating patrol of 7 mice. It’ll be rare that they all make it for the same session, so I estimate 5 each time, which for me, seems like it would be awesome. I like the idea of having multiple teams of mice, and having the ability to take on tougher challenges.


So, it seems the consensus is three is the best number. More than that &, the game breaks down (too long, too complex, too boring), right?


I don’t think there’s such a thing as a definitive for things like this. It’s all a matter of preference. Five might be a perfect number for some groups (two teams: 2+3) and others might actually prefer solo play. Three simply tends to work well for the system, given how conflicts have three action-exchanges and the ability to specialize a bit more.

YES. It worked FINE but you’ll NOTE on page 7, the game is designed for one GM and up to five PLAYERS.


ALL RIGHT, I didn’t CATCH that one, SORRY!


Thanks 2 ALL[/i]

My Pleasure

I’ve run sessions with five players. By the rules, the patrol must divide up into a team of three and a team of two for extended conflicts, so make sure their opposition can do so likewise: groups of animals or mice, the weather (can always split into multiple teams), etc.

Cool… yEaH...! (?)