Better Question: Circles Resources Nature

There’s maybe 10 question for Circles, Resources, and Nature when making your mouse.

I of courses; could make one my own list but…
I would like a bigger list.

Is there a list out there with more questions? Or different questions?
Or do you guys have any suggestions?

What types of things are you looking to expand upon? What do you feel isn’t covered in the provided inquiries?

With a group of friends I made a few mice. And three of the characters had almost the same Resources, Nature, and Circles.

But they made three wildy different chacarters with the backgrounds they were thinking about. I feel that one stat~or~another should have been higher.
One character was very brash and with the 6 questions his circles took a huge hit. But the background that wasthat of a heroic leader which was liked. I felt his circles should have been much higher
I can’t remeber exactly what the other two were but it was a similar thing.

And I can always do the DM thing and jusr ‘up there stat as I see fit’. But I would like it if there were more question because I find they help make a character. And i find it fun.

If I may ask, where in the book said that you can do that?

Sure, you paid for the book, and can do whatever you like. But I suggest than you will no be playing Mouse Guard anymore.

Remembrer what Luke said at Pax Dev (according to Joshua A.C. Newman here): GMs are players and have to follow rules.

I think you maybe worrying about this too much Mech. These numbers are just that, numbers and who cares if they are similar to begin with. That will change during the game as players advance them, or take a hit on them.

Also not all heroic leaders are liked personally. If the Player made choices in his personality that makes him distant and unliked that was his choice. Some leaders are highly respected on the battlefield but their fellow soldiers avoid them off field becuase they are @$$#0!#$. So if the player is going to play a Mouse that is brash and standoffish he will a a “few” loyal contacts that highly respect him, but most will just wish he left the room.

As Murphy’s Lawyer points out, the stats themselves will change in play, depending on what the different players focus on, so don’t worry that they’re similar. For more questions, though:

The Circles questions do a funny (clever) thing: They reflect the outside view of the player’s representation of the character. It’s part of the game that the player has to reconcile that mechanical result with what they think of their character. It’s a kind of fruitful creative constraint on a player, that invites the question why does the well-liked heroic leader find it hard to reach the mice he needs? The player then has many ways to answer the question: perhaps he’s not as well-like as he though, perhaps common mice are in awe of him, or afraid of him, perhaps he’s based in a rebellious territory where he was the heroic leader who put the rebellion down… all good viable options for the character.

I recommend not tweaking the stats, but instead answer the implicit questions to help fill your character out. From the outside, your mouse might not be quite who you think he is, which is great for coming up with an Instinct and a good Belief.

He doesn’t even need to play him standoffish. The more heroic he is the more un-mouselike he is. It’s unnatural I tell ya!