BIG critique, please

Hello, everyone:

I’m gonna be playing in a new mIRC MG game. This is my first MG game, and the first character I make.

I’ll be playing a Patrol leader. I really want to create a good set of BIGs, so here’s what I came up with:

Belief: Every mouse must get involved in the struggle to preserve the Territories and aid the Guard.

Instinct: When outdoors, always scout ahead.

Feedback is welcomed! Suggestions, comments and such can only help… critique away! :slight_smile:

The Instinct is great, I think. Plenty of opportunity to mess with your instinct to separate yourself from the larger patrol. :slight_smile:

The Belief also seems pretty good, but it might be a bit too broad? Or maybe Beliefs are supposed to be broad. I can certainly see it getting you into interesting situations and driving good play, but I’d let others chime in as well. I haven’t actually played much.

Thanks for your feedback.

Looking at other MG beliefs in the book, they seem pretty broad to me. I thought what I wrote was similar in scope to: “It’s not what you fight, but what you fight for.”

Yeah, broad Beliefs are good to have. I think you’ll actually have fun with that one. The only character I ever played had the Belief “It’s not about what’s right, it’s about what works” and he had lots of fun with it. Broad is good, and yours can be pretty easily engaged: There is a lethargic/inactive/unmotivated/uninterested/disgruntled/insurrectionist/etc mouse (or mice). Go to town.

Looks solid to me.

If it doesn’t generate artha, change it up for the next session.