Binding and Call of Iron for Thievery

Having passed an Inconspicuous roll with four successes to appear nonchalant, the Rogue Wizard wants to use his Binding spell to interlock several gold and sapphire necklaces that are hanging on display behind the counter of the busy shop that he is in, and then use Call of Iron to pull the bound together object to him when no one is looking.

It seems like a creative use of both of the spells, and I am tempted to allow it.

What would you suggest?

The main question that would come to my mind is, have you established the idioms for spellcasting in your world? Is casting spells something that can even be done subtlety?

If casting can be done subtly, I still think Inconspicuous is not really the right skill here. This isn’t about the wizard going unnoticed, it’s about his action going unnoticed. The action is purloining. Seems like a Sleight of Hand test to me—the question is not whether he can nab the goods, but whether he can get away with it.

But it’s not, of course, Sleight of Hand; no hands are involved. It’s a sleight of sorcery. So if Sorcery has a quiet and subtle idiom I’d probably resolve all of this with that skill. One roll to cast the spells, and have it opposed by Observation. Possibly with obstacles or advantages depending on just how unnoticeable flying jewelry is going to be in a busy shop—I’d guess it’s bordering on impossible!

This. From page 500:

"Spell Casting and Idiom[i]Define your sorcerer’s idiom. How does he cast spells? There are two main choices: He may gesture and gesticulate or he may clearly pronounce the incantation. Either way, it’s up to the player, but the method of casting must be chosen before the game begins.

Spellcasting is not a subtle or concealed art. If speech is the chosen idiom, then the spell must be spoken clearly. If gesture is chosen, then the movements must be complex and florid."

You have a point here, but, on the other hand, Trouble in Hochen does have the players use Inconspicuous for this purpose:

However, to prevent themselve from being noticed while casting, Brin and Theoden need to pass an unskilled Inconspicuous (Beginner’s Luck Will) versus the Cultists’ B4 Perception (not Observation so these successes aren’t doubled).

I’d allow it. Why not? There’s a test to back it up, plus spell casting success.

The inconspicuous test was to appear nonchalant so as to not draw attention to himself in the crowded store while doing this.

I did end up allowing it as it hadn’t been done before and the shop owners and shoppers would be unprepared for such an attempt.

The spell idioms in this game require voice and gestures to cast without suffering a penalty for lacking the proper “tools”. Doubling the spell obstacle for having your hands tied or your mouth gagged seemed like a good way to go.
(It isn’t RAW, but it’s reasonable)

Thanks everyone for your input and advice