Black Axe, Saxon and Midnight

I want to know if we will see the Black Axe (the weapon and the mouse) and Midnight character stats and traits here…

Celanawe is one of most mysterious and awesome character in Mouse guard universe and, of course, will get a comic series of his own to unravel his past… BUT there is any chance to see the profile stats of Black Axe Celanawe and Liam (after the events of Winter 1152)?

Saxon gain a new and supercool Sword with a compass in the handle… How we translate this weapon to MG RPG format?

Thanks for your time…

Well, it’s a sword, so you can use it for it’s “Versatile” bonus in conflicts, or a plus +1D in a simple fighter test just like any other sword.

But it’s also got a compass in the handle, so you can claim it as +1D gear in Pathfinder test!

For Celanawe to keep that mystery and awesomeness…I’d prefer to keep any stating of him to be unofficial.

I even had reservations about making stats for Saxon, Kenzie, etc.
I remember seeing the stats for the Ninja Turtles in that RPG and being disappointed.

Luke made a system where the stats are not as important as the character so that made me feel better about including them as well as the invaluable tool it is to have them as examples you can follow along with in the events from the comic book.