Black Leaf (Human Thief)

Name: Black Leaf (real name: Marsi)
Stock: Human
Class: Thief
Age: 16
Home: Chickwyck (Religious Bastion)
Raiment: Striped tunic

Parents: Url (father), Dawna (mother)
Mentor: None
Friend: Elfstar the Cleric
Enemy: Mistress Frost the Magician
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated

Belief: No, no! I’m going to die… but not today.
Goal: TBD
Instinct: Always check for traps. Always.

Allies and Additional Enemies: TBD

Devil May Care 1
Scarred 1

Will 2
Health 5
Nature: Human 5 (Boasting, Demanding, Running)
Nature Answers: Quietly prepare, demand your rights, flee and hide
Resources 0
Circles 4


Cartographer 2
Criminal 4
Dungeoneer 2
Fighter 2
Manipulator 4
Scout 4

Hands: Pole, 10’
Torso: Satchel, Rope
Pouch: Thieves’ Tools
Weapon: Dagger
Skin: Wine (Full)
Feet: Shoes
Pack: Grappling Hook

Black Leaf is a young thief with a strong sense of self-preservation. She is an average-looking girl with messy, chin-length brown hair and a pensive manner about her.

(You know somebody had to do it.)

i had to google this since you implied it was something or someone i should have heard of…

kind of dark humor but i had a chuckle about it.

Creating a thief was worth the time to see that it’s easy to get three skills up to 4 with that class. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Glad somebody got a chuckle out of it.

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here is my rendition

Beautiful work, damiller! Thanks.


Well-done. I love the instinct.

Love it!

2 wises? (I am building a sample party, and she’s in it).

That was an error. I fixed it.