Black Market Doctor Lifepath

Can I get a little help on this one? I’m currently trying to convert my SR character over and he’s a former DocWagon employee turned sour. Post his departure (and prior to campaign start) he’s supplemented his income doing odd stitch up jobs, “prescribing” medications, and general other unsightly and unethical medical treatments.

I was thinking:

Back Alley Surgeon
Time: 3 Years
Resource: 1
Circles: 1 (mixes with all kinds of people)
Requires Medic or Surgeon

Skills: Surgery, Wound-wise, Drug-wise, Falsehood, Biology
Traits (2): Unethical, I Can Make It Work, Shaky Hands

But all you experienced BW/BE’rs with LP design experience, help a brother out. Open to all kinds of feedback. Thanks in advance.

the Required Trait should be Unethical and maybe Surgery is the Required Skill.

I think his main skill would be something like Inconspicuous, not surgery. A back alley surgeon isn’t perfecting his craft, he’s cutting up people for cash under the table and trying not to get caught. Alternatively, something like OrganLegging-Wise would be another option for required skill. Surgery doesn’t fit, he got that skill from his previous life as a medic or surgeon.

I like Glendower’s points.

Also: resources 1? What’s up with that? I notice you have a Circles score as well, so perhaps you detail that in another thread.

I’m guessing a free minor reputation (like the Ship’s doctor) may also be good.

He’s using Burning Empires-style lifepaths, not Burning Wheel-style lifepaths.

I’m thinking along the lines of:

Streetwise, Gunshot Wound-wise, Black Market Organs and Cybertech-wise, Anesthesia Costs Too Much-wise, Falsehood.

Or something like that. The traits are cool!

You could also pick up a more legit medical lifepath so you can get the requisite skills, and then pick up an Outcast and Criminal lifepath that makes sense (I can’t suggest one because I don’t have the book with me at work) to show his slide into the shadier side of the medical profession. Though I do like the unique traits.

Awesome feedback! And good point on the skills Glen - it totally made sense! I was thinking about it in the wrong way. Here’s the final version:

Back Alley Medico
Time: 3
Resources: 1
Circles: 1
Stat: 1M

Skills (5): Streetwise, Gunshot Wound-Wise, Cybertech-Wise, Black Market Implant/Organ-Wise, Falsehood

Traits (1): Unethical, I Can Make It Work, Shaky Hands

I’m having trouble thinking that people in this line of work are actually gaining to their mental stats. There’s no refinement in ability, or long hours studying the latest medical texts. You’re cutting up and patching up bullet/knife/shrapnel wounds for profit. The 5 skills are generous enough already, I’d lose the +1M.

Yeah, I didn’t really have a scale for how many points to hand out for skills and/or Traits. I think I remember there being something about that somewhere - in terms of a guide - but I don’t recall.

I was thinking you’d have to have some kind of mental fortitude (i.e. Will) in order to survive in that business but your logic is equally sound. Fewer skill points? More Traits?

Is that LP guide in the Monster Burner?

My picture of most of these sorts of characters is that usually the doctor is disgraced from his profession in some way, and they always seem to have some sort of deep-seated grudge against whoever “ruined it” for them. I suggest a lifepath trait along those lines. A minor infamous reputation packaged with an antagonistic relationship.

Yeah, guidelines for LP creation are in the MonBu.

Here’s the way I handled it in my lifepaths posted to the Wiki:

Unlicensed Doctor
Setting: Outcast & Criminal

Time: 3 yrs

Resources: 0

Circles: 1

Stat bonus: none

Skills: 4 pts: Unsanitary conditions-wise (Per), Illegal drug-wise (Per), Poison-wise (Per), Streetwise (Per),

Traits: 2 pts: Blacklisted, Wrongly Accused, Drunk, Addicted, Amorous

Requirements: any doctor-type lifepath