Black Mirror

(Jared A. Sorensen) #1

Just finished the first three episodes and holy cats, it’s dark FreeMarket. Which is to say, FreeMarket.

HIGHLY recommend it. Esp. episode II.

EDIT: Second series was also quite good though not as astonishing as the first series.

(samwise) #2

It’s quite good. Thanks for info.

(jessecoombs) #3

Oh man awesome. I’ve been really into Charlie Brooker’s various Wipe series, this is on my list.

(Totally Guy) #4

Just watched this, whilst walking on a user-powered treadmill. XD Earned me some merits!

That judge guy… He took the passion, said it was art and made it cool! Very FreeMarket.

(Jared A. Sorensen) #5

Coming to Netflix!

(samwise) #6

3rd season started.

(Jared A. Sorensen) #7

The Christmas special was nuts. Loved it but…aaack.

(jlbeeh) #8

thanks for the suggestion I will see if I can catch some of the episodes on Netflix

(samwise) #9

totally unrelated, but …

(samwise) #10

Bionic earbuds: