Black Pudding

Black Pudding
This round blob of black goo slithers and undulates along underground terrain relentlessly seeking food. They are good climbers, but not as capable of fitting into smaller spaces like other oozes. They are typically up to 15 feet across and 2 feet thick.

Order of Might: 5
Nature: 6 (Engulfing, Slithering, Climbing)
Instinct: Scour dungeons in search of organic matter, dead or alive

Drive off: 10
Attack: +2d, constrict
Maneuver: +1s, undulate

Flee: 7
Attack: +1s, engulf
Maneuver: +1s, grabbing pseudopods

No other conflict types are permitted

Special: Bladed weapons count as fighting unarmed against a black pudding.
Ravenous: Failing a flee conflict against a black pudding will result in the character with the most conditions becoming engulfed. If there is a tie, pick the character who has the most serious conditions. Apply the dead condition to this character.
Split: The first success in a drive off conflict will cause the pudding to split. Divide the remaining disposition in two, creating 2 creatures. The game master may do this again at their whim.

I decided to not give it a strength since it seems strong enough. Nicked the description from the monster manual. Probably kill-able with a good idea…

If a party has access to Destiny of Heroes, could they then engage the BP in a kill conflict? What about all those alchemists and Underdark sages who would want to capture one for further study? Would a capture conflict be a possibility?

I think some creatures in the game should be treated as a Jaws or Alien type creatures. You can’t really do more than annoy them with conventional weapons but they can be killed/captured through a well thought out good idea.

For example :
The party could gather some some wood (scavenge) and build a cask (carpenter) into which they put some explosive substance (alchemy) to make a a bomb, they could then lure it (a successful flee) into a pit and blow it to bits.