Blank/Form Fillable Unit Cards for Anthology Warfare?

As the question says, are there some unit cards, faction cards, or pdfs with such somewhere? Be nice to have something to fill out…form fillable is even better.

I didn’t know of any source for these, so I made some for you.

Hope this helps! Any suggestions on improvements are appreciated.


These are great! Thanks

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Most excellent! Thanks!

Form Fillable! Now that’s classy!

I did my best!

I couldn’t figure out how to do things exactly the way I wanted (I’d like a list you can select multiple options for status, for example), so there will probably be a version 6 at some point.

I have added a second version of the cards that solves some of the problems I had previously. I have also added faction cards.

Hope folks find these useful!

Again, very well done! Bravo! These will be very useful for my upcoming game (in 4 days actually…)

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