Blogging abt a series of MG sessions

In case anyone is interested, I will be blogging about our Mouse Guard Campaign here:
Illern’s weblog

I’ve done a post about the patrol:
Patrol generation
and the first session:
The first session
I will also blog about my thinkings about the missions the patrol get and the tasks the patrol takes on by themselves without having to get ordered to.

Very nice, thanks for the links! Bookmarking them!

If you could post Ob levels for the tests, that would help a lot for those like me who struggle a bit with setting numbers.

That’s a good idea, if I miss it for the next session - remind me :slight_smile: I’ve updated the mission design post with some Ob.
Mission design post

Also; we’re playing almost every week, almost always tuesday evenings (GMT+1) so this will be weekly and mostly be uploaded on wednesdays/thursday with my current level of engagements.

Alright! Looking forward to your weekly report then! I hope to be able to play weekly with my family too, maybe I’ll do a blog as well so that people can comment how I can improve my GM skills.

Good luck with your games!

Thanks, it has gone quite well but by now we have discovered some things about both the rules and ourselves.

This weekend I also made a little adjustment on the webserver wich might have broken your bookmarks. To get to the weblog, klick on Illern’s weblog If anything seem broken anytime you can always go to There you will always find a starting point for the different web pages.