Blood Dagger (Enchanted Dagger)

A favorite weapon/item of evil sorcerers and blood mages the dagger grants advantage dice to the users Sorcery, Will, and Forte for any spell begun and cast immediately after it has been used. The advantage gained is +1D per wound level inflicted by the dagger ( I = +1D / M = +2D / S = +3D ). This wound can be upon the caster or any other living being. The Sorcery Add helps to cast the spell, the Will Add helps to power the spell, the Forte Add helps to pay the tax on the spell. Spell Failure with a Blood Dagger is an automatic Summoning of a Demon. If the tax from an accidental summoning caused the caster to go unconscious, the demon gets to possess him.



Maybe for the sake of game balance the dagger should be only able to give the advantages when stabbing yourself.

But thats a minor detail. Looks like a good write up. A lot of necromancer-type characters would kill to have one of these. And the last line interests me. A lot.

Using the Blood Dagger should probably add two actions onto the spell action costs (like the Dust of Distortion) and possibly one extra action to prep the Dagger before Blood is sacrifced/spilled.
That way, if you start out unarmed it’s two to draw, one to prep, and one more to strike (four actions) then you can cast your spell (at plus two actions for the Blood Dagger Add). This would keep it from being overused and still keep it awesome enough to make it worthwhile.

Nit Picking and other forms of Feed Back are always welcome!

As an adjunct to blood magic, I like it.

As a weapon to power spells in a fight, it’s not very useful. I’d only use it if I was desperate or the situation demanded.

Doh! Now I have nothing to Nit Pick!

I would think that with some meatsheilds (Summoned things?) to soak up those pesky debilitating wounds while you stab yourself (or the summoned things) to summon more summoned things capable of summoning things so that one can summon more meatsheilds to make it easier to summon in the future… Wait, where was I going with this? Oh. Yeah. Quoted sentences fix this issue.