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Funny story. And by funny, I mean not at all.

Years ago, my copy of Blossoms got some water damage, and unfortunately got some mold damage. Fast forward and now I have a beat up copy, but it does still get the job done.

I have looked all over for a new copy, and the only one I can find is for sale for $290.00 and it is used. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some Blossoms, but I don’t 290.00 love it.

Would there be a chance ever of a second printing coming out? I know the answer is probably no, but I had to ask. I’d love to have a copy that wasn’t damaged.

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A second printing—no revisions, just a reprint—would be amazing. It always hurts when a roleplaying book goes out of print.

Sorry y’all. No reprint until I have time to re-edit to our gold standard.


I’m praying for all the Old Gods to give you all the time you need.

Is this something that can be expected in the near or distant future?

In fact, is there a way you can kickstart it? I’d LOVE to pay for the kickstarter for a reprint of Blossoms (my old book got murdered in building damage :frowning: ). If you magically redid it to fit Gold Revised…I’d be in heaven!

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I would contribute to this as well,.

Probably the best guy to ask about this is not Luke but Rich Soto. Best as I understand, the concept was originally his idea, so you’ll probably find more fervor there. Just speculating, though. I just remember Luke saying something about hating to do supplements because they’re a logistical pain.

On the other hand, there’s nothing stopping the folks here from making these revisions themselves - asking for permission is always a good start. I think I saw a post about doing exactly this a while back on the BW subreddit…

I don’t even know how to contact him. My best bet is to just wait for a possible reprint/upgrade to gold. Or drop 290 on a book on eBay.

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