Blue Jays?

So, running around the MG Wiki I cam across the Blue Jay entry

Anyone thought about how to add them, I may be wrong but that bird looks trussed up to be ridden, and I remember seeing a piece of art (fan art mind you) that implied the same thing.

Any ideas? I just love the image.

Due to space considerations, I couldn’t include every variation of bird. There’s just too many. If you want to make a unique critter, use the basic bird nature and go from there!

I was thinking more on the idea that they can be flown, like the crow we see in The Black Axe. Or would this just be included under Mounts? That didn’t occur to me until just now…

Mount rules are in the New Rules supplement. :slight_smile:

That entry fails to mention that blue jays are total assholes.

HAHA, alrighty, turns out I didn’t look hard enough… I have been through that book a couple times and never noticed… There are Blue Jays already stated in the book.

I didn’t remember either!