Bonus class PDF's without the grey background?

Hi Luke/Thor,

I could be a dumb-arse (there is historcial evidence to this statement) but is there a way, or another version, of the TB Bonus Classes (Paladin + Thief) that doesn’t have the grey background. Makes the document tricky to print with the grey background.

Thanks guy for an awesome piece of awesome,

I was having a similar issue when trying to print the bonus classes using my black and white laser printer. I did find a way around it, but note that this is a Linux solution (you should be able to do the same thing in Windows or OSX with Adobe image editing software, however). I extracted each page of the PDF as an image using GIMP, then inverted the color palette for each image, saving the edited images as a series of JPEGs. When printed, they then rendered with white text on grey background, making them legible (although the actual drawings of the characters look a bit odd, being rendered primarily in white).

Gimp exists for Windows and works about as well as the Linux build.