Bonus Dice for Situatuonal Advantages

Hi! I can’t remember if there is a written rule in the book for granting a bonus dice for a situational advantage?

Yes! Only one situational advantage can be applied per test. Basically, the player presents a case for advantage and the gm either grants or denies the request.

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Awesome! I thought so, I just couldn’t find it. I was worried it was one of my Burning Wheel into Torchbearer rules drfits :smiley:

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That’s not quite right. Advantage is a Burning Wheel rule, not a Torchbearer rule. In Torchbearer, you can get additional dice for a test from help, aid (i.e., another character uses a wise to aid you), appropriate tools/supplies/gear, appropriate spells/invocations, or Persona points.

You or another member of the group can test a skill to create supplies/gear to benefit a test.


Okay, so if a character is using a shield and spear to defend a narrow passage, would the fictional circumstances count as gear (usable once)?

Or do those circumstances not carry over into the mechanics unless one of the options provided (someone helps with a Narrow Passage Fighting-wise)?

Spears provide +1D to Defend when used in narrow corridors during Kill, Drive Off and Capture conflicts (see Spear on page 159 of the Dungeoneer’s Handbook).

Outside conflicts, if the player describes using the spear to defend a narrow passage, they can ask the game master if that counts as appropriate gear (or the game master can decide it does without the player asking). If the game master agrees, the player gets +1D for the test.

See Tools, Supplies and Gear, pages 73-74, Dungeoneer’s Handbook, for more detail.

(fwiw, it sounds like appropriate gear to me).


Oh, okay - I didn’t realize there were specific rules in this case. I guess, I did intuit that aspect of the rules.

So, it’s more that instead of a general advantage rule there are discrete bonuses. Which of course could be extrapolated upon based on context, say someone half-swording a claymore or using a stout pole.

Also, high ground, concealment, or fortifications add bonuses for disposition in warfare conflicts (LMM, p 115).

Otherwise, for your typical smaller-scale conflicts, the players will describe the adventurers doing all sorts of things during the skirmish, but those things don’t really generate bonuses (outside of the established weapons). However, once, I ruled that a character that threw a bottle of expensive, highly-coveted wine during a bar brawl could get a +1D ‘supply’ bonus for that one action. It was a great moment of roleplaying and involved some sacrifice. The wine bottle shattered and was used up, and it created an exciting compromise after the fight (owing a favor to the innkeeper to reimburse the wine).


:rofl: Ah! My bad. I didn’t look closely enough at which category this was under and thought this was a BW post. Sorry, @JC_QuestingAce, I misled you!

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Ya, thats what I am getting at - Torchbearer has specific situational advantages as called out by the rules. I am still probably going to do those more often, especially for within conflicts to make unambiguous uses of the physical space effect the mechanics. Though, I see how use the existing rules to adjudicate from the rules rather than just having +1D to throw around.

Yup! Though, honestly, nothing will break if the game master uses their best judgment given the fiction.

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Ya, it reminds me of when I figured out how edges, augments and all those fiddly bits in Hero Wars works within a conflict.

It’s like understanding a language to write poetry. If you know a little, the rules seem a bit arbitrary but you do get there. As you become more proficient, the rules become familiar, less arbitrary and you find expression more natural.

…or something like that.


Yes! Also, my Hero Wars boxed set is one of my cherished possessions.

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I was carefully reading the Narrator Guide and the spine just cracked in multiple places.

(I am going to run a Hero Wars game after Riddle of Steel - yes, maybe even Burning Wheel Classic. It’s time for Old Forge Revival before we all get too old).

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