Book 4: Addendum (what has been left over...)


Here’s an idea: Having a BOOK 4 in the Burning Wheel serie an ADDENDUM.

The Codex left me a little cold; it’s a great book that covers a lot but lacked space to cover it all, and most of the great stuff has been left over…Like the whole method to the madness from the Monster Burner.

For the avid Burners like myself and many others, we use the Monster Burner a LOT. From page 13 to 105 meaning the whole Monster Burner section of the book (monstrous mechancis, stat burner, 100 questions, shade burner, skill burner, lifepath burner, etc.) are a bunch of amazing design mechanics that allow for burning everything we need to create our own worlds but it’s not BWG adapted; it’s managable but since the Codex did that with everything else, why not do it for the Monster Burner leftovers?

Book 4: Addendum could provide:

1- The Monster Burner (monstrous mechancis, stat burner, 100 questions, shade burner, skill burner, lifepath burner, etc.);
2- A BWG adapted bestiary;
3- A Burning Gears set of rules for BWG;
4- Pre-written scenarios (fans could get involved);
5- BWG adapted pre-gen characters and mounts (fans could get involved);
6- A BWG adapted Bestiary;
7- BWG adapted Gears, Treasures, Magic items, Items, Artefacts, etc.

Personally, this is what I feel is missing in BWG and Codex; it would be amazing to have some tools to create our own stuff like that adapted to BWG edition.

What do you all think about that?

I’m sure lots of fans would like to help in any way possible me first; I’d be willing to burn list and list of stuff to fill up the pages of such a project, playtesting it and all…

Please share and let me know what you guys think!




Apocrypha is the word I believe. :blush:


YES! Most definitely!

I’m in total agreement. That Monster math was some of the best discussion I’ve read. It’d be a pity for it to go out of print


I would also love that!

It’s really difficult to get a copy of the Monster Burner if you do not have $150 left and are living in Germany… So, it would definitely be great to have another book, which includes it!


I will re-iterate my comment I left on Oldji’s Youtube on this subject.

There’s so much power in the Monbu. It lets the game get past the ghost of Tolkien, and it contains a lot of creatively empowering elements of play (and ways to think about the game and the BW mechanics) that are missing in Gold and Codex.

Also, I love the Spiders and play them (both as antagonists and protagonists).
Despite owning the Gold edition, I still use my dog-eared paperback copies of Monster with the original rules and Codex for magic. It’s a hybrid with minor adjustments in play but it works.


I have never seen a copy of the monster burner, but it sounds really interesting.

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People often hype supplements, and often it’s just hype, or love of a niche. This is neither: Monbu opens up ways to think about lifepaths and the things that live them, and their mechanics. I know that L.C. has said he wishes people would play the game raw before hacking it. As someone who ran an 11 month campaign in it and then bought Monbu (expensive!), it was like being handed keys to the bank vault after dark.


And the actual Magic Burner? Yeah, I get mileage out of that. Just used it tonight to make Aura Manipulation


Will Codex get a reworking like BWG did?

If I had to guess (and it is a guess), I’d say probably not. The advice in the Codex is pretty much perfect, and at this point the only thing that actually should be done (in this man’s not-so-humble opinion) is to finish converting the rest of the Revised content that was not converted to Revised Gold/Gold.

But, again, that’s a guess. I’m not the designer, by a long shot.

I don’t mean a revision (the text is fine), but an new version due to the production issues that came up, much like with BWG originally.