Book vs Pdf

I’m wanting to pick up Torchbearer (and Mouseguard). I’ve been looking at the book+pdf bundle but the kicker is that as a Canadian I’ll end up paying $75 shipping!!! that’s more than the price of both books!!!

So I’m considering just getting the pdf since I mostly game online these days anyway. Books are nice but I’ve no problem with pdfs. Is there any difference between the two as far as content? From the pictures on the store the pdf says “Basic, levels 1-5”. Is the book the same?


Hello Kirk,

After checking on our hosts store, the PDF and physical book are the same. Levels 1 to 5.


Yes, the PDF is the same as the print book. The print book is also in distribution, so it may be available in gaming stores on your side of the border.

How close to the border are you?

I have things shipped essentially right to the border taking advantage of all those sweet sweet free shipping within the US deals and then just cross the border and pick my stuff up. There are business all along the border in the states you can have stuff shipped to and go pick it up for a small fee. The one I use is $3 a package.