Born ... lifepath and Practical Magic schools

The Magic Burner rules for Practical Magic indicate that a practitioner gets one free school for each lifepath based upon the category of the lifepath’s required skill.

How does this work for “Born …” lifepaths that typically do not have any required skills? Does the Pactical Mage not get a school for the Born lifepath or do they get to choose any one, or …?

I wouldn’t think that the Born lifepaths would grant you a practical magic skill as during this phase of life your character is only a child (8 - 12 yrs old) and has been learning other things (General points) I suppose the general points could be used as a guide for what practical magic skill would be available.

Thanks for the input. I think it makes sense to consider the Sorcerous school as the first free school from lifepaths, taking the Born… slot, essentially.

Page 50 of the Magic Burner under the heading “Starting Schools of Magic” states “The Sorcerers begins the game with the Sorcerous skill catagory for free” so having that particular school is already a given (it’s automatic and free). The other schools are gained from the first listed skill in each lifepath (so Born would not have one in my opinion) or purchased with resource points in character burning.
They may also be learned (adopted) in play.
As general points represent hobbies and interests, one could make an argument for granting an additional skill that way, but I don’t think that’s the design intentions.
(I also doubt it would break anything).

Thanks Larkin, that seems like a reasonable interpretation which doesn’t require reading anything more into it.