Born LPs from non-native settings?

I know about the 1-year penalty for jumping between native settings and the 2-year penalty for going between native and non-native…but the book doesn’t seem clear on whether you can choose a born LP from a non-native setting and whether there’s a penalty if so. I can see tons of cases where a character story may want that: A Kerrn born on Omshiip or a Noble Lord-Pilot turned mercenary running a merchant league’s volunteer force.

So, can you by RAW choose a non-native born LP? Do you just pay the 2-year penalty for moving to a native setting later, assuming you do, or is there an initial 2-year penalty as well? In the couple of games I’ve started up we’ve handwaved it with just a 2-year to come back in from foreign parts but I’m wondering if there’s something I’ve missed in the book or an official ruling on the matter.

i wouldn’t over-analyze the LP cost for jumping. born life paths have no leads, so there’s no time penalty. COMING TO a native setting only cost one LP no-matter where you’re coming from. GOING TO any non-native LP cost 2 years, no-matter where you’re coming from.

Okay. Makes sense to me. Thanks!