Born to Non-Native Lifepaths

If a player chooses to be born in a non-native lifepath, would you impose the 2 year penalty as though he were moving into that lifepath from a native one?


Hm. Any answer I give is going to be a “house rule” so just go with your gut on this one, Daniel.


Sounds good. The answer I had in mind when I asked was “yes” and I think that’s the way I’ll go unless any serious circumstances present themselves.



I’m with you. Being born to a non-native is the same as “going to” right?

It’s amazing how many permutations of the rules there are. And it’s amazing that I miss the really easy ones.


So, they were conceived on the planet, and spent two years in gestation (maybe at relativistic speeds?) before being born into their non-native LP?

I don’t buy it. My house is now at war with yours.

However, at some point, you’ve got to come from the non-native settings… so I would totally buy a 2-year ‘lead’ to the world from a wholly non-native set of LPs.

Wellllll, the lead penalty is paid when going to a non-native setting, not when going from. So it’s possible to be born off world and jump onto the world with only a one year penalty.

However you do it, there’s got to be a two year penalty in there somewhere.

Really, we’re looking at it from the same way. I’m just adding the 2 year premium to the born LP instead of adding it to the first native LP because that seems a confusing way to explain things.

What I basically explained to the players was that I felt if they wanted the Nobility (in this particular case) to be important to the story and the characters, that they should include them as a faction or dominant form of government. If not, they should choose different born lifepaths, even though Nobility is the quickest way to being able to wear Iron. In this case, I said just tack on 2 years and we’ll approach the next game with this in mind.


Grr. ::narrows eyes at Daniel’s cheating players::

Daniel, I got your back.

Wait! Your players wanted Iron, but didn’t want to include any Nobility? Lightweights.

In their defense, I suspect a misunderstanding regarding the setting was the main culprit.

I mean, I don’t mind them gaming the system to get Iron if that’s what they think is cool, I just want them gaming the system correctly.

I tried explaining that Lords-pilot were like, you know, knights. I could probably have been a little more descriptive.


I think the strange part about the world that makes the native settings weird (at least for a first time player like me) is that the fluff of the planet is very unsettled.

The planet has changed hands a number of times both militarily and governmentaly so the way it has ended up set up is sort of weird.

We now have people from a lot of different origins in the same place because the planet is an important source of exotic raw materials which put it as an important planet to have.

So here is what i was thinking that lead to this whole discussion…

I start as a noble… become a lord pilot Anvil join the theocracy to protect the faith and then while in the theocracy go to war on this remote planet and end up sort of being stranded there…

Now i am a noble from some distant world… but the reason i came to this planet is the theocracy which IS a native setting… in my head it seems like that should make a difference.

I totally buy it… I was (mostly) kidding. I wouldn’t penalise by another year, myself, but then I’m not running the game!

Actually, I have a related question…

I’ve poked through the World Burner and cannot seem to find a way to put an Omshiip-born Kerrn into a game. There is no way to make Omshiip a native setting, and nothing about how to handle a non-native born lifepath like Born Kahlakesh.

Does this mean that all the Kerrn are Born Kerrn? I assume not, since then there’s no reason to even talk about Omshiip LPs. So I looked back through the lifepath section and found a sentence to which I cling:

A character may choose lifepaths within the setting he was born into—until, of course, life leads him in another direction. (pg. 90)

I read this to mean that your born lifepath need not be native.

Now granted, I am also very new to the game. So I may have missed a paragraph about Kerrn somewhere that explains all this.

Check out page 204. Does that clear things up?


Going among the Kerrn settings Vreck, Omshiip, Omshec, Oprvraeta, Solzjah and Piilosihver costs one year per lead. Going to or from the Diazspherah setting always costs two years unless it’s native. (pg. 204)

I saw this. Does this mean that simply by being Kerrn, you can pick Born Kahlakesh? On a human world, there is no way to burn a planet where Omshiip is native, which is why I thought this detail might have relevance to this discussion.

Tiny clarification - Omshiip = kern native “world”, hidden somewhere in space.

Tiny clarification - Omshiip = kern native “world”, hidden somewhere in space.[/quote]
Correct, I guess I should have said Omshiip Setting. Since we’re talking about whether a character can have a born lifepath from a non-native setting, the fact that the Omshiip setting is never ever native to a BE game, it seemed like a good example.

It’s a bit counterintuitive, but those Kerrn settings listed on page 204 are universally native (like Spacefarer). Diazspherah is only native if you chose the Diazspherah faction.


Aha! That explains everything. Whew. Yes, a little counterituitive, but at least I handled it right. I would say that the paragraph on 204 could use one more sentence in there if there’s ever an edit made. Might not be a bad idea to throw that into the World Burner worksheet, too.

Anyway, didn’t mean to hijack the thread. I thought one could help illuminate the other.

hmm…I took it to mean that th Omshiip setting was ALWAYS non-native. because it was … Lost in Spaaaacccceeee… I thought it was cool. Along with the other non-Diaza… settings.