Bound Bow (Larkins Spell Book)

Bound Bow: Ob: 4^, 14 Actions
Origin: Personal
Area of Effect: Caster
Elements: Arcana/Earth
Impetus: Create
Duration: Sustained
Resource Points: 16

Spell binds Arcane energies into the form of a hunting bow and quiver of arrows this bound bow remains so long as the spell is sustained and the bow is held by the caster it is bound to.

The Bound Bow is a dual nature weapon and works as well against the spirit world as it does the natural one.

Meeting the spell obstacle creates the bow and quiver, extra successes may be used to increase the bows DoF per shot, up to three extra successes may be spent in this manner.

The Bound Bow appears as an old fashioned hunting bow and quiver of arrows. Though solid enough, all appear to be made of a ghostly blue mist.

When the spell ceases to be, any arrows vanish with the spell, leaving only their wounds behind. (No extra wound damage from vanishing arrows)