Box Set contents question

In looking through my boxed set and comparing the contents to what is listed in the “New Materials” section I have a question.

My box does not have the “Other Cards” with the conflict disposition, conflict skills/action tables, and action mechanics descriptions. These are listed on page 44 of the New Rules, New Missions booklet. Page 43 also refers to four sets of cards. These cards are not, however, listed on the back panel of the box.

My question is, am I missing a set of cards or was the set dropped from production and the. Reference in the booklet missed in editing?

Oh wow. I hadn’t noticed that! The additional cards were dropped because they were incorporated into the character sheet and GM screen.

Thanks Luke. I didn’t notice it until I sat down to give the new stuff a solid read.

The new design sheets and the gm’s screen are great.

Did anyone else only get one Mace weapon card?

I did. One Mace and iirc doubles of each of the other weons.

Hmmm… strange.

Nothing wrong with your boxes guys. There is only one Mace card in the box.

where would you put “Armor-Crushing” in Armorer factors? Tack it on at the end after hard to Defend?

Yes, I would add it to Paw-to-Paw factors. I don’t think Maces, Morningstars and the like are common mouse weapons though. But if a players wants one badly enough…

Yah its a pretty powerful ability so at the end of paw-to-paw sounded right to me too. also would be a godo ability for a pickaxe type piercing weapon.

Can’t wait to get my boxset! Looks great!