Brainstorming titles for Mouse Guard hacks

Oh, I like that. Mouse War! Hundreds of thousands of mice sent against the Bear Titan!

Mice + power armor = awesome

CloakStealers? They pretend to be like us, but they are not!

Personally I’d want to be a MouseTrader in this setting.

Ducklance, a fantasy epic revolving around the quest to reforge the fabled ducklances in order to stem the tide of the evil duckarmies that are conquering the Territories.

Isn’t this an old RuneQuest adventure?


DuckPond! Also, we should stop talkin’ in case Stew hears us…

Which of course leads to Mouse Joust!

As to “Star Mice”… anyone notice the possible tribute on page 269 of MG?
Is that Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Luke I see?

First post. Hello!

Neat catch… sure looks like it Han, a Pseudo-Chewie, And Luke…

It would be cool to create the full length F&GM novel – Swords of Lankhmar – wherein the heroes deal with an attempt by Lankhmar Below (the rats) to take over the city – from the rodents’ point of view…

Mouseylon 5… 2million-500thousand pounds of steel, all alone in the dark… A home away form home for half a million mice, voles, shrews and other aliens…

No Country for Old Mice.

Call it. Just call it.

Mazes & Mice. Or Mice & Mazes.

Batmouse: Lockhaven Knights
Robin Hood and his merry mice
Mousatio Hornblower: High adventure on the high seas!
Mouserado: Wild west adventures
G.I. Mouse: A real Lockhaven hero
Unmouseables: Eliot Mouse vs Capone
Mouse files: The truth is in the territories
Robomouse: The future in law enforcement
Buffymouse the weasel slayer
Transmousers: more than meets the eye
The Scarlet Pimpermouse
The Mouseden files: full auto mage
Mouseybaba and his forty thieves: Arabian Knights
The Incredamice

Quite a few of these I wouldn’t mind hacking.


Man, a lot of these are pretty eye-rolling.

I’m finally trying to write up Battlestar Smintheus on Zoho.

(For us cheap bastards who don’t have Apple machines to crank out PDF natively, online doc things can do PDF conversion for us. Zoho has a few more options than Google docs right now.)

OpenOffice can print to PDF.

Mousepeada: The Invid Invasion might be next up for me.

MouseHammer 40K: Grimdarkfarfutureonlywar (from prior posts) also sounds nice. Love the universe, hate the existing games, for the most part.

The more I think about it, MouseHammer 40k is a hard thing to do.

Burning Empires would do Dark Heresy/Inquisition stuff better. Ditto to Imperial Guard/Gaunt’s Ghosts.

Maybe Spess Mahhreeeins would be good, but then you run into the Deathwatch problem: spess mAhrreeens only thing to do is to fight.

Rogue Trader & crew, maybe? Burning Empires might not be the best for that.

Craftworld Eldar? Iyanden, I am thinking (the one with all the Wraithlords & Wraithguard).

Why Iyanden? Because the obvious antagonist for any Warhammer 40k hack is the Great Devourer - the Tyranids. Anything else is a bigger bitch to stat up, IMO.

Maybe Tau Empire, though. I love the Tau, aside from the space commie thing. O’Shovah enclave Tau! Better dead than red!

Moustry Science Theater 3000.

Stealing totally from Burning X stuff…

Under a Mouse Sky :smiley:

The Mice Must Flow

I also wonder if Burning Empires might be Mouse-ified somehow as a “Red Box” kind of approach to the whole Worm conflict. BE is so pretty, but I’m still figuring it out.